Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dev on the Go!

Going on a trip and don't want to miss out on your dev fix?  Bring these along with you!

Java (offline installer) + Eclipse IDE
FreeBasic + FBIDE

These are all free, lightweight, simple to use and provide fast prototyping for game concepts. 

FamiTracker: A free, music tracker based on the original NES sound chip for Windows.
GraphicsGale: An awesome program for creating pixel art and animation.
(as a free alternative to GraphicsGale, Gimp is also great.)

Don't forget to bring some games!
CastlevaniaRL: A graphic/ascii roguelike based on the Castlevania series
ToME: Tales of Maj'Eyal, the 2011 and 3 time winner of Ascii Dream's best roguelike of the year

Roguelikes, also known as "dungeon crawlers" provide nearly infinite replay value and gameplay ranging from quick fix to as complex as you want it.

All of this developing and gaming goodness weighs in at well under a gigabyte. (for zip'd install files)


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