Q: What compilers/engines do you use for making games?

A: Currently, I'm using (and in some cases learning) Java, C/C++, Python, LUA, Freebasic, Darkbasic Pro and Unity 3D.  I don't profess to be an expert on any but I'm always game for trying out new languages and engines.

Currently, I'm focusing on C and Python.

I started programming in C64 Basic when I was in grade school, self-taught through books and old programming magazines.  From there I progressed to GWBasic and later QBasic/QB45.  The bulk of my experience is in Basic or Basic derivative type languages.  Basic often gets an unfair rap of being the hillbilly of programming languages but many popular commercial and non-commercial titles have actually been developed in Basic-like languages.

My current project, Hired Gun EP1: Crash & Burn is being scripted in Adventure Game Studio, a game engine made specifically for making old school Space Quest/Lucas Arts type adventure games.

Q: What programs do you use for graphics?

A: For simple or retro style graphics and animation I use a program called GraphicsGale which is pretty much the king of pixel editors.

For serious graphic work, Photoshop still reigns supreme but it's usually a little too pricey for most hobbyist or indie developers.

As great but equally featured programs I highly recommend Gimp or Paint.net.

For 3D Modelling, 3D Studio Max and Maya are the big players in the commercial game and movie industry.  For those on a budget, Milkshape is a simple, cheap and effective program and tailored for games.

If you're looking for something completely free, Wings 3D fills the niche for a simple modelling program but the real indie powerhouse is Blender.  There are actually a lot of scams on the internet that revolve around unscrupulous low lifes selling this amazing 3D software and once you've forked over your paypal/credit card to them you get a download link to an old version of Blender.