Cliche Quest


Dark Lord is seeking out the 5 Cliches of Power and with them he can rule the land! For some reason, only you can stop him. Also...he has stolen your nifty hat that you didn't really like anyway. Along the way, you'll probably fall in love with the shy healer who happens to hold some mysterious key to stopping him. There's probably a magic tree involved too somehow. Maybe you even start your own rock band...who knows?!


A hilarious world of RPG cliches including but not limited to:
Enemies that are slightly different colors!
Potions of Uselessness! Vendor Trash! A...herring!
Dungeons that mysteriously crumble apart after you beat the boss!
Innkeepers who are *definitely* NOT vampires!
NPCs that are guaranteed to keep you cracking up with witty one-liners
that you'll swear you've heard before! 
Clichiary (Unlockable Achievements)
50 classic RPG cliches to uncover as you play!

And a whole lot more!


V1.02 Episode 1/6 is now available for download at:

Also available on the RPG Maker Steam Workshop!


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