Crapsoft was founded in 1997 by the internationally acclaimed QuickBasic prodigy, Richard Colletta known for groundbreaking titles such as RDrawPro and RDrawPro2. The original idea for Crapsoft came about in the late 80s when Richard was screwing around with the source code of a simple C64 game and humorously changed the title credits from "Generic Serious Game Company" to "Crapsoft"...hence, it was born.  (All Rights Reserved.)

Our old website "Coderz Domain" received an impressive 1 out of 5 stars on the ever famous Pete's QBasic Site, edging out many competitors who received only half a star or none at all.

In 1999 Crapsoft was poised to release an adventure game called 'The Adventures of Spaceman Bob' for Dos/Windows which was set to make gaming history. Everything was riding on the success of this game. Then...disaster struck. The 386 Toshiba laptop that was home to the game died and took with it the source code, the graphics and the everything.

In late 2011 Crapsoft was revived when production began on a game titled "Hired Gun Episode 1: Crash & Burn", a classic Sierra type adventure game which is projected for release later in 2012 along with a few other projects in the works.

In case you haven't picked up on it yet, I take a very tongue-in-cheek/laugh at yourself approach to software and game programming.  I started programming on a Commodore 64 when I was in grade school at a time when programming simple games was viewed with the same hushed awe as witchcraft. A lot of my ideas and inspiration comes from the classic arcade and computer games of the 80s.

A lot of technology has passed me by in recent years but I'm digging my heels in and getting back in the "games".

Currently, I'm working on projects in Java, C#/C++, Python, Freebasic and a variety of other game engines and programming languages. While I don't profess to be an expert in any, I'm always open to trying out new programming languages, frameworks and engines.

I'm proficient in spriting, simple animation, graphic work and basic 3D modelling enough so that I don't have to rely on an artist to prototype or produce a game although the results certainly won't be brain melting. I've also got my chops in digital music production, electronica, techno and chiptunes although I prefer to use CC licensed music for most projects instead of killing myself trying to do everything.

I'm not trying to make the greatest FPS or MMORPG ever nor do I honestly claim to be as awesome as I jokingly claim. I do this to learn, have fun and hopefully share that fun with others.

Richard Colletta
Founder, CEO, Lead Developer, Programmer, Sound, Artist, Amateur Freerunner