Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Found some old source code!

Well, don't get too excited...Spaceman Bob's source and graphics is still KIA but...I did just find some of my old projects archived on the QBasic/QuickBasic ABC online archive.

I was able to dig up an old pseudo-3D shooter game, a demo for a fighting game featuring arcade characters, a Gui for DOS and a molecule simulator I programmed for Science class in high school.  Note: The Arcade Kombat demo lists me as "Robert" instead of Richard.  If you search for "colletta" in the 1998 ABC pack you'll find all of my projects though.

The real jewel of this collection was my ground breaking graphic editor, Rdraw Pro.  (Richard Draw)

RdrawPro featured a menu, built-in help, 256 colors, fill, circle, sprite frame/grids, autosave and the ability to export your masterpiece to a .BAS (Qbasic/QB45) code file.

RdrawPro was positioned to make that hack Thomas Knoll and his "Photoshop" look like a child playing in a sandbox but then...well, I can't go into details but Crapsoft was forced to give in to pressure and cease commercial distribution of RdrawPro due to legal threats by a certain company that rhymes with "Afobe".

(Just kiddn')

Anyway, it was nice to see some of my old code after so long.  Ah...for, if, then, next, loop you never let me down.

I suspect the source code and graphics to my fabled "Adventures of Spaceman Bob" game may be hidden away somewhere in a taped up box in the garage containing hundreds of 3.5 floppy disks.  Yes, I could spend a Saturday afternoon perusing hundreds of floppies or...I suppose I could spend 10 minutes recreating the original game art. (5 minutes if I outsource it)


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