Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hired Gun Episode 1: Crash & Burn Game Trailer released!

Hired Gun Episode 1: Crash & Burn is a retro, tongue-in-cheek Sierra style adventure game based on a character and web comic from the popular 4X browser game, Pardus.

Hired Gun, everyone's favorite and lovably inept pirate is on his way to accept a Lifetime Achievement Award in Piracy which is totally not a trap (promise) when his ship crashes...on a regular, non-mysterious planet!  You must help Hired Gun fix his ship and make it to the awards in time, before they change their mind or something!

HGEP1 is being made in collaboration with Peyote, a Pardus player and creator of the popular webcomic based on HG's often hilarious but tragic antics. The quirky MSPaint style of his webcomic is also the basis for this game's artwork style.

It also features music by chiptune artist, Ozzed.  Check out the Game Trailer below!

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