Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dev on the Go!

Going on a trip and don't want to miss out on your dev fix?  Bring these along with you!

Java (offline installer) + Eclipse IDE
FreeBasic + FBIDE

These are all free, lightweight, simple to use and provide fast prototyping for game concepts. 

FamiTracker: A free, music tracker based on the original NES sound chip for Windows.
GraphicsGale: An awesome program for creating pixel art and animation.
(as a free alternative to GraphicsGale, Gimp is also great.)

Don't forget to bring some games!
CastlevaniaRL: A graphic/ascii roguelike based on the Castlevania series
ToME: Tales of Maj'Eyal, the 2011 and 3 time winner of Ascii Dream's best roguelike of the year

Roguelikes, also known as "dungeon crawlers" provide nearly infinite replay value and gameplay ranging from quick fix to as complex as you want it.

All of this developing and gaming goodness weighs in at well under a gigabyte. (for zip'd install files)


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Found some old source code!

Well, don't get too excited...Spaceman Bob's source and graphics is still KIA but...I did just find some of my old projects archived on the QBasic/QuickBasic ABC online archive.

I was able to dig up an old pseudo-3D shooter game, a demo for a fighting game featuring arcade characters, a Gui for DOS and a molecule simulator I programmed for Science class in high school.  Note: The Arcade Kombat demo lists me as "Robert" instead of Richard.  If you search for "colletta" in the 1998 ABC pack you'll find all of my projects though.

The real jewel of this collection was my ground breaking graphic editor, Rdraw Pro.  (Richard Draw)

RdrawPro featured a menu, built-in help, 256 colors, fill, circle, sprite frame/grids, autosave and the ability to export your masterpiece to a .BAS (Qbasic/QB45) code file.

RdrawPro was positioned to make that hack Thomas Knoll and his "Photoshop" look like a child playing in a sandbox but then...well, I can't go into details but Crapsoft was forced to give in to pressure and cease commercial distribution of RdrawPro due to legal threats by a certain company that rhymes with "Afobe".

(Just kiddn')

Anyway, it was nice to see some of my old code after so long.  Ah...for, if, then, next, loop you never let me down.

I suspect the source code and graphics to my fabled "Adventures of Spaceman Bob" game may be hidden away somewhere in a taped up box in the garage containing hundreds of 3.5 floppy disks.  Yes, I could spend a Saturday afternoon perusing hundreds of floppies or...I suppose I could spend 10 minutes recreating the original game art. (5 minutes if I outsource it)


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hired Gun Episode 1: Crash & Burn Game Trailer released!

Hired Gun Episode 1: Crash & Burn is a retro, tongue-in-cheek Sierra style adventure game based on a character and web comic from the popular 4X browser game, Pardus.

Hired Gun, everyone's favorite and lovably inept pirate is on his way to accept a Lifetime Achievement Award in Piracy which is totally not a trap (promise) when his ship crashes...on a regular, non-mysterious planet!  You must help Hired Gun fix his ship and make it to the awards in time, before they change their mind or something!

HGEP1 is being made in collaboration with Peyote, a Pardus player and creator of the popular webcomic based on HG's often hilarious but tragic antics. The quirky MSPaint style of his webcomic is also the basis for this game's artwork style.

It also features music by chiptune artist, Ozzed.  Check out the Game Trailer below!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Someone fire the Marketing Department.

Crapsoft was founded in 1997 by the internationally acclaimed QuickBasic prodigy, Richard Colletta.  Since then it has been leading the revolution in computer software and game development.

Crapsoft is also home to sister software development company, Evolved Development Studios whose name is so badass that despite the fact they haven't released a single game, they have already won two Game of the Year awards.

In 1999 Crapsoft was poised to release an adventure game called 'The Adventures of Spaceman Bob' for Dos/Windows which was set to make gaming history.  Everything was riding on the success of this game. Then...disaster struck.  The 386 Toshiba laptop that was home to the game died and took with it the source code, the graphics and the everything.

All that remains as proof of the greatest game ever made is this single screenshot from the game's menu.

Now...Crapsoft has been commanded to RISE FROM ITS GRAVE and we're picking up where we left off and taking the world of home computing by storm!  Bookmark us and stay tuned for the inevitable awesomeness to come!